Applications Invited for Course on Stop Covid-19 - The Basics of Prevention and Anti-Virus
Closing Date : December 31 2021, Friday


About the Organization:

Bioforce is a French leader in training provision, credited by the international humanitarian community. They are a humanitarian organisation that works in the preparation and response to crises relating to conflict, natural catastrophe, and epidemic. They provide solutions to enable vulnerable populations to have access to efficient and high-quality aid through training, accompanying and structuring of humanitarian actors.

Stop Covid-19- The Basics of Prevention and Anti-Virus

Stop Covid-19 Basics of Prevention and Virus Control. Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control is implemented by a wide range of public and private actors that are in contact with local communities. This prompted Bioforce to create this self-training to support local actors working with communities.

For whom?

  • This training is aimed at both public and private actors, who are in contact with local communities to contribute to the prevention of a pandemicCovid-19 and fight it. The training is not intended for health and nursing staff who care for injured people. The training covers 5 areas.

How do I benefit from this course?

  • Upon completing this course, you will be able to Covid-19 virus: its nature, origin, symptoms, disease severity, and population most at risk

Modes of Transmission

  • Prevention measures (protecting yourself and others) and contexts of transmission

  • Practical and group prevention measures at the level of Community

  • Resources in terms of additional information and means of support for implementing preventive measures

Course cost: Free of charge

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