Strengthening Community Health Worker Programs

About the Organization:

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About the Course

This course introduces learners to the core concepts of community health worker programs, and explores what is needed to build and strengthen large-scale programs in order to improve access to high-quality health services. The curriculum highlights the key components of designing community health systems, addresses common management challenges, and showcases lessons learned from a range of contributors — from community-level practitioners to government leaders and other global health experts. Through case studies of exemplar countries (including Ethiopia, Bangladesh, and Liberia), participants will learn from leaders across the globe how to advocate for, build, and optimize community health worker programs.

This course was created by health systems leaders for health systems leaders. Whether you work in a Ministry of Health, lead or support a community health worker program, mobilize resources and advocate for increased investment in community health, or you are simply interested in knowing what it takes to deliver quality care through community health worker programs, learners will have the opportunity to advance their knowledge and skills to implement critical change. This course can be taken individually, but learners are also encouraged to convene their colleagues from within or across organizations to share insights and further enhance the learning experience.

What you'll learn:

  • Core concepts in community health as part of primary health systems

  • Key components in the design and optimization of community health worker programs as exemplified through country case studies

  • How to advocate for community health worker programs with key stakeholders

  • The evidence demonstrating the impact and returns of community health workers

  • How to build coalitions to support government-led programs

  • How to break down silos and reduce duplicative efforts in the wider community health ecosystem

  • The common issues that arise in implementing community health worker programs at scale

Duration: 6 Weeks

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