Course on Security Sector Reform (SSR): Rights & Needs of Women in Border Management
UN Women Training Centre


Security Sector Reform (SSR): Rights & Needs of Women in Border Management

About the Organization:

Training for gender equality is an essential component for UN Women’s commitment to advance gender equality and women’s empowerment. Their vision is to become the leading UN centre that contributes, through training for gender equality, to building a society that respects and promotes human rights for all women and men. The Training Centre is dedicated to supporting the UN and other stakeholders to realize commitments to gender equality, women’s empowerment and women’s rights through transformative training and learning.


This course aims to integrate a gender perspective in border management training.


The course is divided into following modules:

  • Gender and Security Key concepts

  • Promoting and Protecting the Rights of Migrant Women

  • Preventing and Detecting Trafficking of Women for Purpose of Sexual Exploitation

  • Sexual and Reproductive Health and HIV Prevention in Moving Populations

  • Gender Equality in Border Management Work


Educators in national security schools and academies (police, military, etc.) and training centers for security sector staff whose mandate is to provide basic and ongoing training to border management staff, including border guards, migration and customs officials.

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