KICTANet submission on technology-related solutions to COVID-19
Author : Kenya ICT Action Network (KICTANet)
Focus Area : Any Other
Publication Type: Gender, Human Rights, Information & Communication Technology (ICT), Internet governance, Governance , Security
Publication Date: March, 2020


The Kenya ICT Action Network (KICTANet) is a multistakeholder platform for people and institutions interested and involved in ICT policy and regulation. The network aims to act as a catalyst for reform in the ICT sector in support of the national aim of ICT-enabled growth and development. ICTs are already playing a critical role in the management of the COVID-19 situation through information dissemination and availing tools that support business continuity, education and commerce, just to mention a few. KICTANet notes that it is important to support the continuity of activities such as learning, business and civic activities, and citizens' access to information. Pursuant to the notice requesting public input into the COVID-19 situation, and after intense consultation with its stakeholders, KICTANet prepared this submission to the Kenyan Senate COVID-19 Ad Hoc Committee with a series of recommendations related to ICT solutions to confront the pandemic.