Applications Invited for Regional Projects with the opening of a new call for ideas
Kiwa Initiative
EUR 4,00,000
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Closing Date : April 04 2022, Monday


About the Organization

The Kiwa Initiative is a multi-donor program that aims to strengthen the climate change resilience of Pacific Island ecosystems, communities and economies through Nature-Based Solutions (NbS), that is to say by protecting, sustainably managing and restoring biodiversity. It is founded on an easier access to climate change adaptation and NbS funding for national and local authorities, civil society, international and local NGOs and regional organizations in Pacific Island Countries and territories, including the three French overseas territories.

About the Grant

The Kiwa initiative offers a further opportunity to support regional projects with the opening of a new call for ideas.

The terms of reference presented below demonstrate Kiwa Initiative’s will to encourage regional cooperation in the protection of biodiversity in favor of resilience to the effects of climate change for the Pacific region. They testify Kiwa Initiative’s wish to:

- be a partnership platform with and for Pacific islanders;

- foster a coordinated, relevant and complementary approach to official development assistance in the Pacific region;

- to support regional integration in the Pacific, in particular French territories with their neighbouringcountries;

- to strengthen the capacities of local, national and regional actors in carrying out their development projects.

The Initiative is aimed at all national and local authorities, public establishments, regional or international organizations and local and international non-governmental organizations (NGOs), present in the 15 Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICTs), Timor Leste and the three French territories in the region.

Three windows of opportunity are available:

Local projects: calls for projects for very small grants (EUR 25,000 to 50,000), small grants (EUR 50,000 to100,000) and medium-sized grants (EUR 100,000 to EUR 400,000) on the Kiwa Initiative themes. The grantswill be managed by the regional office of IUCN Oceania based in Suva, Fiji. To apply for a local project, pleasevisit the IUCN website. These terms of reference do not refer to local projects.

Regional projects: projects with a regional dimension from 1.5 to 5M€. The potential project proponent mustinvolve at least two of the 19 eligible countries and territories. Regional project leaders can benefit from technical support provided by the Pacific Community (SPC) or the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP).

The Secretariat of the Kiwa Initiative: the Secretariat supports AFD in the management of the Kiwa Initiativeby providing technical, financial and administrative support. It ensures a constant link with the regional projectleaders. The Secretariat works with AFD's Pacific Regional Office based in Noumea (New Caledonia).

Projects must implement biodiversity conservation activities for adaptation to climate change throughNature-based Solutions. Particular attention will be paid to:

- Demonstrating links between project activities/outputs and climate change adaptation;

- The implementation of cost-effective and efficient Nature-based Solutions with measurable and multiplebenefits for climate change adaptation, biodiversity and human well-being;

- Project governance: active involvement of national authorities, public institutions and local communities fromdesign to evaluation.

- Alignment of proposed projects with regional, national or local policy frameworks. - Effective regional cooperation (a regional project must involve at least two countries or territories)

Who can Apply

  • Local or national authorities and public institutions from the 19 eligible countries and territories (see the list here)

  • Regional organizations (CROP, Council of Regional Organisations of the Pacific) recognized by the Pacific Island Countries and Territories, such as SPC or SPREP

  • International NGOs

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