Call Open for Health Policy and Systems Research Responding to the Climate Crisis
World Health Organization(WHO)
US$ 60 000.
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Closing Date : February 06 2022, Sunday


Proposals are now open for the Health Policy and Systems Research Responding to the Climate Crisis.

Climate change has been largely neglected and overlooked within the Health Policy and Systems Research (HPSR) community (Marten et al., 2020). As countries and policy-makers continue to address the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the focus is on ‘building back better’.


The purpose of these case studies is to:

  • Identify and document example(s) where health system policymakers and managers are actively responding to climate change, trying to mitigate climate change, as well as adapting health systems and improving health policies and broader resilience in collaboration with national health policy-makers; and

  • Share lessons from countries across WHO regions; synthesize evidence contributing to the development of improved guidance on how countries can overcome existinig barriers, respond to the climate crisis and move towards climate resilient and low-carbon sustainable health systems.

Funding Information

A maximum of six case studies will be funded across WHO regions. Individual research projects will be funded for up to a maximum of US$ 60 000. The research projects are expected to run for a maximum of 12 months. By submitting a proposal, Principal Investigators commit to attending a protocol development workshop, to be held in early-2022 (virtual) and an analysis and writing workshop planned to be held seven months after the initial workshop.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to apply, a research team must meet the following criteria:

  • The Principal Investigator (PI) must be a researcher based in a research institution in a low- or middle-income country.

  • Teams must be gender-balanced with women comprising at least 50% of the research team.

  • Teams must have the ability to engage directly with and coproduce the research with national or sub-national health policymakers. Teams must, in their proposals, be able to demonstrate their plans for engaging with policy-makers.

  • The experience of researchers as reflected in the proposal as well as the CV of the PI should demonstrate capacity both in health systems and policy research as well as an interest and understanding of the climate crisis.

Note: Individuals not based in LMICs are not eligible to apply as Principal Investigators. However, organizations based in LMICs can collaborate with individuals and organizations based in high-income countries to submit a proposal based on the condition that not more than 15% of the total grant value goes to individuals or organizations based in high-income countries.

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